Elizabeth Jacques, CFP

Liz Jacques - SilverPeak WealthLiz is spunky, light-hearted, and smart.

Her career started as a securities trader right out of grad school. This was a high stress position that required quick wits, savvy instincts, and a bit of charm.

She later moved on to work in commercial real estate lending—another field of big dollars, big players, and big egos. Again, Liz excelled because she continually moved towards challenging projects, as well as challenging personalities. Her approach:

  • Smile, be friendly, and laugh when things are funny.
  • Develop trusting relationships.
  • Deliver valuable solutions.

Along the way one of those big players (Citibank) took notice and recruited Liz to be a private banker for some of their highest value clients. As a private banker, Liz helped very high-net-worth clients with their credit, risk management, trust/estate, and investment management needs.

But again, Liz is spunky, and she wanted more. She knew she could deliver more for her clients if given the freedom. But of course, freedom is rarely given—especially by big Wall Street banks. As a result, Liz struck out on her own to create a different kind of family office business that would provide wealthy clients a higher level of service, customized to their needs. Needless to say, Liz again had huge success.

At the same time, something was missing for Liz. She did fabulous work for her wealthy clients, but they were already wealthy. What about those who needed help, but weren’t considered ultra-high-net-worth? Liz knew she needed to expand her impact by offering her financial acumen to emerging wealth clients. In other words, Liz wanted to leverage her knowledge and experience of wealth strategies to help clients with goals like retirement, college planning and charitable giving. This has been her mission at SilverPeak Wealth.

What does Liz do for fun?
I love to be outdoors as well as support and enrich the community. Where these two passions intersect, I stand. I am an active volunteer and financial sponsor of Able to Sail which is a non-profit focused on making sailing available to at-risk youths.

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