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Q. What is the minimum portfolio size to become a client?
A. $1,000,000

Q. How many clients does each SilverPeak Wealth advisor manage?
A. Less than 75.

Q. Where will my accounts be held?
A. Charles Schwab

Q. Will I have online access?
A. Yes.

Q. Can I still control my accounts?
A. Yes, you maintain complete ownership and control of your accounts. SilverPeak Wealth manages the investments held within your account(s). You can access your account(s) anytime you want directly through Charles Schwab.

Q. When will we meet face-to-face?
A. We recommend meeting once or twice a year, but some clients prefer more or less often. Meetings are especially useful when planning for big life changing events.

Q. What if I just have a quick question?
A. Expect a quick answer over phone or email.

Q. Will SilverPeak Wealth share my personal information?
A. No.

Q. Does SilverPeak Wealth charge extra for a retirement plan?
A. No. It’s free to clients.

Q. Does SilverPeak Wealth charge a set-up fee for new clients?
A. No. Welcome to SilverPeak Wealth.

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