Make An Impact

Why We Offer Impact Investing
  • Having a portfolio that reflects your personal interests and values should not mean sacrificing returns.
  • SilverPeak Wealth vets opportunities that contain big-picture goals with real-world financial viability
  • We align your portfolio for a brighter tomorrow.
Eco Investments


  • Alternative Energy
  • Agriculture / Water Sustainability
  • Green Building Standards
  • Climate Change


  • Equal/Diverse Employment & Education
  • Supply-chain Monitoring
  • Product/Workplace Safety
  • Human Rights & Animal Welfare


  • Board and Upper Management Diversity
  • Executive Compensation and Incentives
  • Stakeholders’ Rights
  • Reporting, Accountability, & Transparency

The Philosophy

SilverPeak Wealth creates an investment strategy that includes your preferred impact investment themes. We invest in those themes with competitive investment opportunities.

We review, measure, and report on these securities in the areas of both their impact as well as their financial return, also defined as triple bottom line (TBL, 3BL).

We maintain our involvement and oversight of your portfolio as well as staying abreast of new ideas in the industry.

ESG Stocks

Green Alpha provides an environmental approach to investing in stocks. As they say, “All segments of the economy—from energy to food production—need to become far more efficient in order to fully realize an indefinitely sustainable, thriving economy.”

Green Bonds

“Areas of the fixed-income markets, particularly the municipal bond space, can offer a wide variety of Green and ESG-friendly investment choices.  It is a particularly rewarding exercise to construct portfolios that clients can feel good about while at the same time helping them meet their long-term investment objectives.”Joseph Patire, Managing Director at SP Financial Group

Sustainable Real Estate

SilverPeak Wealth’s strategic partner, CIM Income Trust, Inc. states, “We believe we’re changing the world for the better by improving the environment and enhancing the lives of people in communities across the Americas.”

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