Focused Investing

It’s rare to find something that can actually pay for itself.

SilverPeak Wealth doesn’t claim to beat the market. That’s not how they add value. Instead, SilverPeak Wealth builds sensible, diversified, and low-cost portfolios designed to perform well regardless of what the market throws at you.

There is a misconception that investors only have two strategy options: buy, hold, and forget, or, active trading. The truth is that both of these approaches are flawed. Active trading often leads to high fees, taxes and worst of all… big mistakes. On the other hand, a neglected portfolio won’t be able to take advantage of a changing market, or manage risk.

SilverPeak Wealth believes in Active Buy and Hold. That is, stay invested, but be smart. SilverPeak Wealth trims back investments when they become overvalued and looks to buy when value emerges. SilverPeak Wealth never chases performance (i.e. They don’t follow the herd.) And, Silverpeak Wealth manages the tax implications of investing.

In other words, SilverPeak Wealth brings a disciplined approach to maximize results, while minimizing risk.

Unlike traditional firms, SilverPeak Wealth believes most investors would do well to move beyond a portfolio that owns only stocks and bonds.  Professionally-managed, diversified Real Estate funds provide SilverPeak Wealth clients with a steady stream of income and the long-term viability of real estate investing.

Stock Market Reporting


The stock market has historically produced superior investment returns–especially over longer periods of time. That said, stocks are also volatile and do lose value from time to time. For this reason, stocks make up the aggressive part of a portfolio.

Investing in Bonds


Bonds are boring… and that’s why we invest in them! When stocks are falling, having the safety of high-quality bonds is just prudent strategy.

Real Estate Investments

Real Estate

Investing in real estate makes sense on a lot of levels… it’s a tangible asset that should appreciate over time while producing great income. What’s not to like! Unfortunately, investing in real estate is not nearly as straightforward and simple. Luckily, SilverPeak Wealth takes the headaches out of real estate investing. Using high-quality, diversified, and professionally managed real estate funds SilverPeak Wealth clients enjoy higher income and lower volatility compared to real estate investment trusts (REITs) that trade on the stock exchange.

What about my 401(k)?

For most people, a 401(k) account is a big part of their retirement savings. Optimizing the returns within your 401(k) is just as important as the rest of your investments.

SilverPeak Wealth can help by evaluating and selecting the best investments within your plan that fit with your overall strategy.

  • 401(k) Rollover. If you are retiring or switching employers, it often makes sense to roll over your 401(k) into an IRA account. SilverPeak Wealth can analyze what makes the most sense for you and make this conversion seamless.

SilverPeak Wealth can help by:

  • Managing your 401(k) along with your other investment assets. Typically, 401(k) plans only offer a limited selection of investment options. SilverPeak Wealth will research the available 401(k) options, then develop a holistic strategy based on the entire portfolio. By including the 401(k) as part of a unified investment strategy, you know your 401(k) will be working as hard as the rest of your portfolio.
  • 401(k) Rollover. Whether you are retiring or just switching jobs, investors may enjoy lower fees and greater investment options by electing to rollover their 401(k) into an IRA. SilverPeak Wealth can show you how.
The Unfortunate Truth

It’s crazy how poorly most do-it-yourself investors actually do.  Data from Dalbar, a research firm that studies investor behavior, shows that individual investors do not do nearly as well as the market.  And it’s not even close.

Through December 2018, Dalbar found that over one-year, 5-year, 10-year, 20-year, and 30-year periods, investors underperformed the stock and bond markets.  The reason: mistakes―specifically, timing mistakes.

Investors are human and it’s human nature to avoid things that cause pain, like falling investment values in a 401k.  Investors tend to panic and sell when stocks are going down in an effort to stop the bleeding. Then they jump back into stocks after a long period of rising prices.  In other words, investors buy high, and sell low. Not exactly a winning investing strategy.

As the saying goes, panic isn’t a strategy.

SilverPeak Wealth designs focused portfolios that are built to weather the inevitable market storms.  They don’t try to time the market, or pitch the latest, greatest investment idea. The results speak volumes.

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