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A picture is worth a thousand spreadsheets. SilverPeak Wealth makes planning your retirement fun and easy to understand.

Want to retire early? Want to know if you can afford the retirement lifestyle to want? Want to travel more, buy a vacation home, or pay for college? Get easy answers to your thorniest retirement questions.

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For most of us, the 401(k) plan has replaced the traditional company pension plan. Today, individuals are responsible for building and managing their own retirement savings—primarily through 401(k) and similar plans.

Managing your retirement investments is a big responsibility.

SilverPeak Wealth can help by:

  • Managing your 401(k) along with your other investment assets. Typically, 401(k) plans only offer a limited selection of investment options. SilverPeak Wealth will research the available 401(k) options, then develop a holistic strategy based on the entire portfolio. By including the 401(k) as part of a unified investment strategy, you know your 401(k) will be working as hard as the rest of your portfolio.
  • 401(k) Rollover. Whether you are retiring or just switching jobs, investors will normally enjoy lower fees and greater investment options by electing to rollover their 401(k) into an IRA. SilverPeak Wealth can show you how.

Let’s work together and develop a retirement plan that suits your goals.

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