The Performance Roadmap

two simple questions:

Financial Planning with SilverPeak Wealth

(1) What is important to you?  (2) What do you want to accomplish?

SilverPeak Wealth will not waste your time. Guided by your answers to these two questions, a SilverPeak Wealth CFP® will begin designing your Performance Roadmap based on where you are now, and where you want to go.

Time is money. Spend yours wisely.

Performance Roadmap

(Time commitment: 1-2 hours.)

Silverpeak Process infographic
Silverpeak Process infographic

The SilverPeak Wealth Path to Success illustrates the thought and care that is given to making sure every client portfolio is a perfect fit.

Performance Roadmap

Total time commitment: 1.5 – 3 hours


Time required: 30-60 minutes

  • Where are you at? Where do you want to go?
    • Current investments.
    • What are your needs and goals?
    • What is important to you?
    • What does your SilverPeak Wealth advisor need to know about you?


Time required: none.

SilverPeak Wealth will develop a customized Performance Roadmap to match your goals. They look at:

  • Your current investment, income, & tax situation.
  • An optimal investment mix based on your growth, safety, and/or income needs.
    • Stocks, Bonds, and Real Estate. How much and what kind?
    • What you should expect.
    • What can be done to reduce taxes?
  • Risk Evaluation. Where are you exposed?
    • Do you have enough to retire? Or, are you saving enough?
    • Do you have a will and medical power?
    • Possible insurance gaps?
  • What do you think things will look like 5, 10, & 15 years from now?


Time required: 30-60 minutes

  • Performance Roadmap:
    • Which investments and why.
    • Specific and documented strategy parameters, so everyone is on the same page.
    • Your Performance Roadmap is designed to be flexible and change with you.


Time required: 10-30 minutes

  • When your customized Performance Roadmap reflects your goals, then you tell SilverPeak Wealth to put your Performance Roadmap into action.


Time required: none.

SilverPeak Wealth will manage all aspects of implementing your Performance Roadmap.

  • Buys, sells, and whatever else needs to be done. SilverPeak Wealth will handle all the details.
  • Once implemented, SilverPeak Wealth will review your investments quarterly and make changes and adjustments over time as the investment landscape changes.

Tactical Meetings

Time required: 30-60 minutes

  • Things change, your portfolio should too.
  • What else would be helpful? Silverpeak Wealth advises:
    • Retirement Planning
    • Estate planning and living trusts
    • College and other education planning
    • Insurance review

See how your existing portfolio stacks up against the recommendations of the Performance Roadmap.

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SilverPeak Wealth

SilverPeak Wealth is a Boulder-based independent, fee-only, Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) managing investment portfolios for clients with investable assets greater than $500,000. SilverPeak Wealth does not sell products, or work for commissions, so we have little, if any, conflicts of interests with our clients. In other words, we are intentionally designed to act in our clients’ best interest.

SilverPeak Wealth’s primary mission is to help clients grow and protect their wealth.

Optimizing Investments

Investment portfolios aren’t meant to be set up and forgotten. Things change, and your investments need to change too. SilverPeak Wealth reviews, updates, and rebalances every portfolio quarterly to make sure their clients are taking advantage of a constantly changing investment markets, which include stocks, bonds … AND … real estate.

Managing Risk

Making money in the stock market is great. But giving it all back during the next downturn doesn’t work. Protecting the downside is critical to long-term investment success. SilverPeak Wealth continually monitors investment valuations and trends, with a careful eye to where value hides. At the same time, SilverPeak’s discipline of quarterly rebalancing ensures your portfolio doesn’t become top heavy with yesterday’s top performers.

Lowering Fees and Expenses

The old adage, ‘you get what you pay for’ might hold true for a lot of things, but investing isn’t one of them. High fees and expenses rob investors of returns while enriching managers. Index funds and ETFs charge a fraction of traditional mutual funds and their long-term performance is almost always better. SilverPeak Wealth is committed to finding the lowest-cost solutions so you can keep more of what your investments earn.

Avoiding Taxes

No one likes surprises on April 15th. Interest, dividends, and capital gains all contribute to your tax situation, but strategic advisors like SilverPeak can do things to minimize the tax impact of investing. SilverPeak Wealth will review your tax return and work closely with your tax preparer to be tax smart.

Sample Client Profiles

Man Looking for Investment Advisor
I need a good investment advisor to manage my money.

I’ve done a good job of making money, but I’m less confident about investing. It seems like so many things are happening politically and otherwise, I don’t feel comfortable doing it myself. I want somebody who knows what they’re doing.

Couple Looking to secure their Retirement
We want to make sure we have enough to retire.

We’re 60-years-old and we’re hoping to cut back on work soon with the idea of fully retiring in the next few years. We’ve always contributed to our retirement plans and work with a broker, but we feel like we need a higher level of service and advice at this stage of our careers. At our age, there are no do-overs.

Entrepreneur serious about Investment Planning
My company was sold and I’ve come into a large sum of money.

I’ve never had this much money all at one time. This is my retirement, my kids’ college, my grandkids’ college, and my vacation home all wrapped up in one. I need help.

Money Maker seeking to secure their future
I make good money, but there isn’t going to be a golden parachute when I retire.

I need to save for my retirement and I want an advisor who can tell me how much I have to save so I don’t have to work until I’m 80.

Retired Couple looking for Investment Assistance
I’m retired. This is all I have and I can’t afford to lose it.

I need my retirement savings to provide me with income and I need an advisor who can map out my retirement –which includes Social Security, a small pension, and a rental property. There are a lot of moving pieces and I want to be smart about my money.

Woman seeking Investment Guidance
My spouse always handled the investments.

I don’t have any experience with financial matters. I need help from someone who I can trust. Knowing an advisor is legally bound to act in my best interest puts my mind at ease.

Find out how you can have an ongoing partnership with SilverPeak Wealth.

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