Kirsten Roeber, CFP

Kirsten Roeber - SilverPeak WealthKirsten is a financial professional that gets things done. She embodies a rare combination of qualities: she’s conscientious, capable, diligent, smart, and funny. And, she enjoys helping people with all the details, which makes her an indispensable part of the SilverPeak team.

Kirsten began her career in the healthcare field where she consulted with physicians in the process of setting up their practices. She aided doctors in all facets of this process. What interested Kirsten the most was helping these professionals understand the financial side of their businesses. Explaining complex financial models to doctors in a way that they could understand meant setting these doctors up for success.

In 2011, Kirsten took the skills she had acquired and began a new career in personal financial planning and wealth management. This was a natural fit, as Kirsten is the rare individual that relishes the chance to help people with their thorniest financial puzzles. She’s meticulous, and extremely detailed oriented. In fact, she thrives in the minutia and takes pride in her job when clients don’t have to worry about the details because she’s taking care of it.

Kirsten believes in education. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Colorado and she is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional (CFP®).

Kirsten is a life-long tennis player, and she’s hoping to get back to tennis soon after recovering from shoulder injury. Kirsten misses playing with friends at the Meadows Club (go Beavers!).

What’s Kirsten looking forward to? She’s excited for her daughter to (probably) graduate from the University of Wyoming in 2020! Both of her children will then be out of college. Kirsten says it will be life-changing for she and her husband Ben to no longer need to pay college tuition to the states of Wyoming and California!

Best Vacation:
It was not actually a vacation but a CU study abroad program in London. Amazing experience both in the UK and on the continent as I had many like-minded friends in other countries available to visit!

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