A Summer Like No Other

Like many organizations today, SilverPeak Wealth is 100% cloud-based. This means that everything we need to serve our clients (e.g. account administration, trading, etc.) is locked-down on encrypted servers online. This is more secure for clients, and it means SilverPeak Wealth can serve clients from remote locations—like our kitchen table, home office, or anywhere. I am writing this post from Crested Butte, Colorado, where I am spending July.

Operationally speaking, COVID-19 has been a non-event for SilverPeak Wealth. However, from a communications perspective—especially communications with our clients—COVID has been a challenge because we were so accustomed to face-to-face meetings. As a result, we are exploring new and better ways to communicate. And we are interested in new ideas.

Currently, we can easily do video calls. And, we have hosted a couple of online webinars. We are curious as to what other tools are available to help us better stay in touch.

We look forward to re-opening and meeting with clients again in our offices downtown. At the same time, it seems like an accepted fact that work-from-home is going to be a big part of our collective near-term future.  SilverPeak Wealth is committed to adapting to this new normal—whatever it might look like.

Have a great summer!

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