As the public’s demand for information about the pandemic remains high, cyber criminals are seeking to take advantage. We are captive audiences at home and emotions, such as fear, make us more vulnerable. More and more scams are being run through texts and calls. Stay vigilant during these uncertain times. Don’t click on unknown links and avoid visiting new websites that could be operated by criminals.

Some to watch out for:

  • Outbreak maps: Malicious actors have begun spreading malware through online maps claiming to track the impact of the virus. As users visit the site or click on links, they can expose usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, or other personal information that is then exploited by the attackers or sold on the dark web.
  • Email campaigns: Criminals are also increasing common forms of fraud like spam email campaigns, using infected attachments or downloads to gather information.
  • “Smishing” – text-message scams sent to your phone: texts from the “IRS” telling you your economic relief check is ready, pending your acceptance.
  • Other schemes: airline refunds, charities, fines for breaking social-distancing rules, mandatory Covid19 preparedness tests, and sales of in-demand supplies like masks or thermometers.

SilverPeak Wealth has strict policies in place to protect your data and your assets. We may be working remotely but all these safeguards remain firmly in place. Give us a call to transfer money, ask us a question, or discuss your portfolio.

Sources: Schwab Cybersecurity Alerts, The Wall Street Journal

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