Local Food with a Vision

Community Table Kitchen serves delicious food while helping local people get back on their feet.

Community Table Kitchen (CTK) helped SilverPeak Wealth host an amazing real estate event recently.  The food, service, and professionalism were outstanding.  CKT is part of our local Bridge House Foundation. Bridge House works to help people from all walks of life get back on their feet. They provide resources such as interview training, job connections and multiple internal programs, like CTK, for support. Their philosophy is a leg up; not a handout.

Then on the more global scale, there is the World Central Kitchen (WCK) – the humanitarian nonprofit who arrived on Marsh Harbour, Bahamas the day after Category 5 Hurricane Dorian struck on September 1. The storm left an estimated 70,000 people homeless with without food.

The WCK was created amid the destruction of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. Today the group deploys wherever there is disaster from Uganda to the US-Mexico border to California. The group’s overarching goal is rebuilding food resiliency not dependence.  For Marsh Harbour, that means fast tracking the training of local staff, handing out vouchers for propane and eventually setting up a farmer’s market so that the Bahamian people will be able to carry on once WCK exits.

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