Denham Nicholson

Denham Nicholson - SilverPeak WealthOperations Manager

(Pronounced “denim” … like the jean.)

Denham is an inspired businesswoman at heart. She is all about getting things done.

As operations manager for SilverPeak Wealth, Denham brings great communication skills, persistence, and hard work to the job.

Denham’s role at SilverPeak Wealth includes a wide range of operational responsibilities—everything from mission-critical client forms and client reporting, to planning company events, to greeting guests when they call on the phone or walk in the door.

Denham continues to grow her expertise and is becoming an ever-more valuable asset to SilverPeak Wealth and the clients they serve. In late 2021, Denham was awarded the professional credential Financial Paraplanner Qualified Professional (FPQP). This certification qualifies Denham to help clients with their financial planning needs.

Next, Denham has set her sights on passing the registered investment advisory representative licensing exam. This is a difficult exam and one that will propel Denham further towards becoming a financial advisor.

Denham was born and raised in Boulder with deep ties to the community. In other words, she is a Boulderite through and through. She feels lucky to have grown up in such a special place and takes full advantage of what the area offers. Denham believes that working for SilverPeak gives her the opportunity to contribute to her community in meaningful and important ways.

Denham’s favorite vacation:
Without a doubt, India. It was an experience I will treasure for the rest of my life. I was 16 years old. It was the first time my perspective on the world was questioned. I experienced a completely different culture, different people, and a different way of living. I gained new perspectives on the opportunities and challenges within my community, and in the world around me. My experience in India still influences the way I think and live today.

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