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For the Long Haul

Stock market volatility is on the rise. Having a solid long-term strategy can help.

Hank Nicholson, CFP®

Inflation Cooling

An economic soft-landing is becoming possible–even likely.

Hank Nicholson, CFP

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It’s a Good Time to Globalize Your Stock Portfolio

It's a Good Time to Globalize Your Stock Portfolio If You're Avoiding Non-U.S. Stocks, You're Throwing Away Money Credit: By BRETT ARENDS May 18, 2014 Looking to boost your investment returns and lower your risk? Try looking overseas. International stocks offer better value than their U.S....

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IEX may become the Vanguard of stock exchanges

IEX, the stock exchange established to level the playing field between individual investors and high-frequency traders, and made famous by Michael Lewis’s recent book, Flash Boys, is moving to challenge some of the biggest stock exchanges for market dominance. IEX, like Vanguard, is owned by investors,...

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