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4th Quarter Outlook

Companies will begin reporting third-quarter earnings soon, and the outlook already is grim. But not all signs are negative. Find out what we’re thinking for the 4th quarter.

Real Estate Happy Hour

SilverPeak Wealth is hosting experts from the leading real estate firms Blackstone and CIM Group for an informative and fun event November 7th.  Find out more here.

Kirsten is now a CFP

Kirsten just passed the CFP exam !!! Yay! Congratulations Kirsten. SilverPeak Wealth now has three Certified Financial Planner professionals on staff.

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Denham attends Schwab Solutions conference

Solutions 2019 THE FUTURE IS DIGITAL Denham recently attended a Charles Schwab Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. The conference was created for operation managers and administrative professionals from firms like SilverPeak Wealth. Denham learned quite a lot.  The first thing she learned was that Arizona heat is very different...

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The High Cost of Investing Like a Daredevil

New York Times reporter Jeff Sommer. Live in the moment: If you’re skiing, surfing or scuba diving, that’s the way to go. But if you’re investing, that approach can lead to disaster. The numbers show that most people who are lucky enough to have money to invest...

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Rethinking Retirement

At first, the goal is to save enough to retirement.  But once that goal is achieved, many people find themselves asking, "Is that all?"  Money cannot buy happiness, but money often provides the freedom to ask, "What do I want?"...

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