“Save for Retirement? But I’m only 25-years-old.”

Growing up I always heard: “Save for retirement… Start saving now!”

I heard this from family and teachers alike. But at 15-years-old, it’s hard to rationalize or connect with saving for something that is that far in the future. Especially when there were so many things I wanted to buy right away. Not to mention that I had decades to save. Why worry about it now?

Fast forward ten years, I’m 25, and the following article lands on my desk. The article was published by Financial Advisors Magazine and argues that starting to save at 25 is drastically more impactful than if I wait even five years. The analysis is both surprising and compelling.

I encourage passing this article along to anyone who could benefit, but especially younger people. And, as a passionate saver and planner, I would be delighted to sit down with any young adult and discuss how to get started.

Click here to read Financial Advisor Magazine article

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