Support a Great Cause by Enjoying a Great Meal

Wanting to Support Your Community This Month? Community Table Kitchen Has You Covered!

Are you wanting to find a new way to support a local community? I am happy to introduce you to Community Table Kitchen’s take and bake meals. Community Table Kitchen is a part of Bridge House, located in Boulder, CO. They work with the homeless, mentally challenged, those suffering from addiction, and people who are generally down on their luck. They have multiple different programs centered around helping individuals get back on their feet. Their amazing programs range from job and interview training, work placement, culinary training, among basic training and needs.

Currently, Community Table Kitchen is offering delicious take and bake meals. They are available for pick up or delivery and serve anywhere from 2-8 people. If you are looking to switch up your dinner routine, consider this. Below is a link to their menu.

Support a great cause by enjoying a great meal! Click here to view their menu and order.

For more information about Bridge House click here.

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